Arusha National Park

Arusha National Park with an area of aout 137 km is located only 45 kilometers from Arusha town.  It has a wide range of habitats from alkaline crater lakes and swamps to montane forests, alpine desert and the summit of Mt Meru the fourth highest mountain in Africa.

Mammals include buffalos, elephants, giraffes, hippopotamuses, Zebras, leopards, waterbucks, hyenas, duikers, baboons, monkeys and almost 400 species of birds.  It is most famous for the beautiful black and white colobus monkeys which swing form branch  to branch in the tall rainforest trees and the shy duikers.

The park is ideal for a day game drive or a pleasant few hours walk, however, those who plan to climb Mount Meru, must consider three full days.

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