Getting to Tanzania

Should I get a Tanzanian tourist visa in advance?

Citizens of the EU and USA can acquire entry visas at international airports in Tanzania as well as other border crossings. Visa costs: generally USD 50 (USD 100 for The citizens of USA).

Citizens of the following countries should receive a so-called referred visa in the nearest Tanzanian diplomatic institution before coming to Tanzania:

(data according to the Immigration (Visa) Regulations, 2016)

- Afghanistan;
- Abkhazia;
- Azerbaijan;
- Bangladesh;
- Chad;
- Djibouti;
- Ethiopia;
- Eretria;
- Equatorial Guinea;
- The Republic of Kazakhstan;
- The Republic of Kyrgyzstan;
- Lebanon; - Mali;
- Morocco;
- Mauritania;
- Niger;
- The State of Palestine;
- Senegal;
- Somalia;
- Somaliland;
- Sri Lanka;
- Tajikistan;
- Turkmenistan;
- Sierra Leone

Visa for Tanzania

All travelers who are not East African residents, are required to obtain a visa for Tanzania. Happily, the process is a simple formality.

Visa Requirements

If you opt to fly to Nairobi rather than direct to JRO you’ll need to take the Riverside Shuttle bus from Nairobi to Arusha. Passing through Kenya in this way you’ll require a Kenyan tourist visa which can be purchased at the airport when you land. A tourist visa for travelling to Kenya from Tanzania if opting to fly out from Nairobi, can be purchased at the Namanga border which you are required to cross, however if you entered Tanzania from Kenya on your way to Kilimanjaro then your original Kenyan visa will probably still be valid as nowadays Kenyan tourist visas are issued on multiple-entry basis.

Visa Application

If flying direct to Tanzania however, although it is possible to purchase your visa on arrival at the kiosk on the right hand side of the arrivals foyer at Kilimanjaro International Airport, the Tanzanian High Commission advises visitors to apply for this in advance as they reserve the right to deny you a visa on arrival. UK citizens can download the Tanzanian visa application form from the UK Tanzanian Embassy’s website.

Visa Costs

London residents are advised to apply in person by visiting the Tanzanian Embassy with their passports and payment in cash of GBP 38 (or GBP 43 for those wanting an express 24 hour return service with collection at 1500 the following working day). Those willing to take the risk involved with trying to obtain a visa at the border (we have only ever heard of a small handful of persons who had problems - primarily persons of Middle-Eastern origin) should have USD 50 in cash if flying on a British passport, or USD 100 in cash if flying on a US passport. Those of other nationalities are advised to have USD 100 in cash ready, though in most cases the cost will be only USD 50.

Which Tanzanian airport should I choose for my arrival?

There are 3 International Airports in Tanzania: Zanzibar, Dar es Salaam and Kilimanjaro. Your Tour Manager will recommend the most convenient of these depending on your itinerary.

Which international carriers fly to Tanzania?

If your comfort during what could be a rather lengthy flight with either tight connections or long layovers outweighs cost considerations, then we recommend that you consult the ratings in the World’s Top 100 Airlines 2017.

Otherwise, pick what seems to be the most convenient of the airlines in your price range. Turkish, Emirates, Fly Dubai, KLM, Ethiopian are among the airlines with regular flights to Tanzania.

Who will meet me upon my arrival in Tanzania and what to do if I arrive at night?

One of our drivers will meet you with a sign bearing your/your group’s name at your airport of arrival regardless of the time of day.

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