Materuni Waterfalls & Village (Koffee tour)

Driving from Arusha, you pass beautiful plantations of bananas, yams, potatoes and coffee, en route to Kinumakori Waterfall. Kinumakori Waterfall in Marangu is not the highest, but is a beautiful walk that enables you to see the waterfall both from the bottom and the top. At the waterfalls, you can relax amongst tranquil nature and swim in the cool waters.

The waterfall is located near Marangu village, which is a typical village of the Chagga people, at 1800 m above sea level. At the village, we will visit the Chagga cultural centre. Also, we will visit caves where the Chagga people hid during the war. In the village, you will furthermore see the traditional Chagga houses and visit the family of a coffee farmer. Together with a guide, he will explain to you, stage by stage, on how to prepare coffee - from picking ripe coffee berries to the final cup of delicious hot coffee.

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