Tanzania like any other African tropical countries has normal weather condition. During the day sunlight cover the large area and it gets humid and chill. Provided that is only 3 degrees south of the equator Mount Kilimanjaro towers above the African plains and the weather changes especially at high altitudes where temperatures can drop well below freezing point before the sun has even fully disappeared from the sky

This being the case parking list for mountain Kilimanjaro and Meru in Tanzania can be a challenging exercise. Provided that most of the equipments can be hired in local climbing shops in Tanzania one can check with his/her wardrobe or climbing tool kits if has the full package and we however advisable to purchase one’s own equipment so as to ensure maximum comfort along the journey.

In the first day climbers needs light clothes but indeed, on the summit day many climbers find that wearing every single item of clothing they have is still not sufficient to shield them from the bitter cold and arctic conditions.

The following is the parking list for the Mountain climbing in Tanzania:

  • Good quality hiking boots.
  • Thick socks.
  • Woven polyester, so as to control body temperature sufficiently.pt; font-family: ‘Verdana’,’sans-serif’; color: black;”>Polar fleece or similar knitted materials.
  • Waterproof pants and a waterproof jacket.
  • An extra down or synthetic jacket.
  • Sleeping bag.
  • Gloves, glove liners, hats and thermal underwear.
  • A balaclava.
  • A broad rimmed hat.
  • A good pair of glacier glasses or sunglasses.
  • A kit bag and a rucksack – rucksack will be carried by climbers and kit bag will be carried on the heads of porters and advice the kit bag not exceeding 15 kilograms.
  • Toiletries, toilet paper, torches, batteries.
  • A first aid kit, water containers and water purification tablets, a camera.
  • Pair of binoculars, spare shoelaces.
  • Waterless washing liquid and hand cleaner.

NB: Marangu route is often recognized as a “Coca Cola” route because of its gentle slopes which doesn’t demand much effort when trekking and the only route which provides huts accommodations. Other routes are subjected to mobile camping tents. Cappello Adventures provides oxygen kit to all mountaineers (on demand), sleeping tents, chairs, tables, dining tent, sleeping mats and cooking facilities.