Mount Kilimanjaro been the highest point in Africa and the second in the World after the range of mountain Himalayas which makes the eight thousands high of Mountain Everest, Kilimanjaro is also the highest free standing mountain in the World (no range of mountains to support rather it has a forty {40} kilometers long base). While travelling to a foreign country one should expect to have an easy situation due to the following facts:-

1: The weather condition of your mother country in some degrees differs to the destination you will be.

2: The food and water you will be using will differ from home.

3: Jet lag

All these and others might raise some illness or headache. Having your medication is another stepping stone for a successful attempt to the top of Kilimanjaro. We highly recommend private insurance before living your country should anything happens it will protect you to hire flying doctors. As well most of the countries physician and doctors have experience with tropical climate countries so they will recommend according to your explanations the kind of medicine to take. Some of our clients have been with these medications as follows:-

Ambien Advil Ben gay/ache reliever pads
Amoxicillin Ativan Benadryl
Antihistamine Bandaids Botox
Calamine lotion Claritin Donnatol
Chapstick Decadron Epi pen
Cipro Diamox Eye drops
First aid kit Lotrimin Larium
Imitrex Mobic Laxative
Inhalers Moisturizer Lortab
Moleskin Prilosec Norflaxin
Nasal spray Sunscreen Pepto bismol tablets
Needles, syringes, sterile dressings Suture kit Prescription and other meds
Tea bags/sweet n low Tweezers with magnifying glass Vitamins
Toilet paper Tylenol Zithromax
Topical ointments Urine catch AND container

On demand the our company provides the Oxygen kit for the Kilimanjaro mountaineers. Prepare yourself well and see your doctor for advice before attempting this highest altitude in Africa and let your body have enough time to acclimatize with the Tanzania weather condition before the Kilimanjaro.

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