Ruaha National Park

Gazetted in 1964 with an area of 10,300 sq km, Ruaha National Park is the second largest park in Tanzania.  The park which lies in the central part of Tanzania just west of Iringa town, is also the second largest elephant sanctuary in the country next to Selous Game Reserve. The park derives its name from the Great Ruaha River which flows through the Rift Valley in the eastern part of the park .  There are about 1650 plant species and over 370 bird species so far recorded.  The area also contains a wide variety of animals that includes the Ruaha special “Greater and Lesser kudu, Roan and label antelopes”.

Other game animals found there are large herds of buffalos and elephants, the exciting Great Ruaha River harbors/contains a large number of hippos and crocodiles.  During the dry season the river attracts great number of wildlife species. Giraffes, warthogs, eland’s zebras, wildebeests, impalas, waterbucks roan antelopes, and elands.  In the plains ostriches, cheetahs, and Grants gazelles can be seen.  The park offers a paradise of outstanding natural world as it lies within a belt which interfaces species of FAUNA and FLORA of Southern and Northern Africa.

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