Selous Game Reserve

Established in 1922, Selous Game Reserve is named in honors of Captain Frederick Courtney Selous (1852 – 1917) who had been a famous elephant hunter.  The area covering approximately 55,000 km2 is the largest reserve devoted to wildlife preservation in Arica;  It is one of the remaining untamed areas in Arica with pristine habitat, that has just begun to receive international recognition.  The reserve is also one of Africa’s last true untouched wilderness areas with a spectacular variety of fauna and flora.  It contains some of Africa’s largest and most important populations of elephants, buffalos, and hunting dogs.  Other large mammals that are found there include Roosevelt’s sable (rarely seen) rhinos, hippos, giraffes elands sable antelopes, white faced wildebeests, waterbucks, warthogs, leopards and lions (which are darker in colour than their cousins in the northern circuits).

The Selous male lions also have short, almost punk like manes, very different from other lions in Africa.

Selous Game Reserve is also famous for the Rufiji River system which drained through it and the numerous lakes which offer unique opportunities to take boat safaris.  Accommodation facilities in the reserve are excellent visitors/tourists to the Selous can be accommodated in any one of the following camps.

Rufiji River Camp in the north – eastern part part – just inside the reserve, Mbuyu safari camp located near the channel  connecting Lakes Nzerakera and Manze,.  Selous Safari Camp which is built high up on the Beho Beho ridge and the Stiegler’s Gorge Camp.

Selous Game Reserve is 490 south – west of Dar es Salaam and it takes about 40 minutes to fly to the reserve from Dar es Salaam or 4 hours by TAZARA.

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